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Visiting Kilmacurragh

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

On visiting Kilmacurragh in Early April 2023

We leave the main road and travel

Up a lengthy driveway in rural Wicklow

Leading up to Kilmacurragh

Sneaking along the narrow road

Single lane only

Careful driving towards the house

Modern toilets come into view.

Ample carparks, lots of open green spaces

Refurbished outdoor coach houses.

Now coffee dispensing rooms

Noisy chatter, Happy RTAI campers within

Carrot cakes and scones

Celeriac Soup, Guinness beef pies, Chicken pies too

Healthy sandwiches freshly made.

Suiting discerning palates

Salads green and finely dressed.

Friendly smiling waitresses

Floor service only applies.

My pie arrives,

Glass of water too

Quickly scoffed,

Now In need of coffee fix

Full strength Americano ordered.

Oh, What satisfaction

Now to walk the hallowed grounds

Rhododendrons a plenty

First cousins, the azaleas now in bloom

Oak trees feeding many species.

Monkey puzzles with ladies on top

Myrtle trees reminding us of Grecian links.

With Myrlos our Greek herb of love

Fragrant Eucalyptus has us all sniffing.

While Redwood’s size has us all agog

With its internal beehives, full of life and buzz

Fair Kilmacurragh Gardens,

With your lovely Queen Anne House

We love all your arboreal excellence

Your plants, shrubs and walled garden

As you begin to restore and recreate

Your own and Irelands glorious past.

Mick O Callaghan April 2023


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