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2024 Wet and Windy

New Year 2024

New year 2024 has dawned.

We’re over week one in January

Relentless rain has fallen

Lashing on the windowpanes.

Streaming down the roof tiles

Gurgling down the drainpipes

Gurgling up the gully traps

Choking drains already blocked

Water gurgling up through manholes.

The lawn too has a well-watered look

With ponds appearing at every nook

Patio paving flags are well washed down.

Roads are flooding, edges muddying.

Dangerous conditions for driving

Weather forecasts are dreary.

Weak troughs, low depressions

Announcing rain followed by downpours

Falling in thunderous volumes

Yellow and orange weather warnings announced

Alerting us to more windy days ahead

This is now the Irish weather norm

With the odd tornado thrown in as well

Leitrim roofs and buildings damaged.

Trees are falling nationwide.

Fields are flooding far and wide.

Sports pitches water logging

Clouds are darkening,

The sky is weeping.

All is drabness.

With sickly dreary darkness

Kids are tetchy, bored, and gloomy.

Confined to houses, some not too roomy.

Too much screen time

No outdoor healthy playtime

With boredom thresholds

And patience levels lowering.

Too many treats on offer

From stressed out weary parents

At wits end keeping children amused

We hope for fine weather soon.

To clear the winter gloom, and doom.

Mick O Callaghan January 2024

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