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A Weeping Flower Pot

Updated: Jan 7

Fair daffodil, I weep today at your imminent departure.

I scan the inhabitants inside my chilly walls

I have treasured you since you were planted in my womb.

In the cold, miserable unforgiving November weather

In my cold dark chamber deep within my potted interior

Secure in the bowels of my frost proof pot.

Lots of dank, horrible clingy compost was dumped in.

To make a welcoming fertile snug bed for you

 I viewed you as you were planted with your bulbous mates.

You snuggled in close together.

To get protection from the wind and rain

 From Snow, dampness and cold in your miserable surroundings

Deep down in my glazed frost resistant black pot

You struggled, you were tough, you survived.

Till one day in January, you had a surge of growth.

And Eureka you burst through the dank brown peat.

Exposing your tenderness to cold frosty air

To show off your newfound emerging colour green

Your new dawning, your new creation

With all your ugly bulbous shape hidden under ground

Now you transformed into shapely leaves.

You attracted my attention as you spread your wings.

You were alive, a new beginning.

I was so proud to have you as my house guest.

During your formative days

You had a transformative effect on mother nature.

As you morphed into a lovely golden daffodil

Gorgeous in shape, lovely in colour and scented too.

Tahiti was your name and oh how you lived up to your reputation.

You graced us with your presence for nigh on one whole month.

You were just a joy to behold.

But all too abruptly I noted a change.

You were ill, the colour faded from your glowing face.

Senility set in and your body shape was drooping.

A dark brown colour appeared on your drooping leaves.

Your stature was diminishing.

And your form gradually descended back into the ground.

From whence you came

Your annual hibernation began again.

And I must wait another year.

To see your magnificent

Springtime amaryllis splendour again.



Mick O Callaghan

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