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Cancer Society and Sunflower Fundraising day

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

2020 summer season will not be remembered for the amount of sunshine that poured Vitamin D into our systems.

WE were really thrilled when we got such a rare occurrence as a beautiful fine sunny day on August 8th .

I started the day doing the usual mundane morning chores like emptying bins and hanging out clothes on the line . Having finished these necessary household tasks, I put on my factor 50 and off I toddled for a walk on the beach and woods. It was so refreshing to feel warm air blowing in your face and to share the sense of happiness in fellow walkers.

It was unusual but nice to leave the heat and warm wind of the beach and stray into the splendid Courtown Woods . There was an instant feeling of relaxation in absorbing the lovely wild flowers and trees of the woods.

First off, I noticed the beautiful wild Angelica or Angelica Sylvestris in full bloom. I had been watching it develop to maturity over the past few weeks and I was delighted to see it at its best on a sunny day in all its majesty.

While continuing my walking along the riverbank, I noticed the oak trees were developing well and as I came closer, I spotted the emerging acorns with their little green heads. I will be watching them develop over the next two months and then come October I will pick some big ones and plant them in pots and watch them grow before I give them as presents.

The common ash is a great sight at this time of year with it beautifully shaped leaves and the decorative seeds of the female ash in full view.

I really like some wildflowers. They are an absolute nuisance to you if they invade your garden because of their invasive spreading nature. One such plant is the hedge bind weed which spreads out of control. I really love its bright flower shining out like a beacon. I love its nick names like “granny get out of bed “ or “Wild morning glory “.

Then of course we have the firewood plant which is quite unique with its ragged cotton like look at this time of year.

Todays pride of place went to the majestic lordly Californian Redwood which was resplendent in all its glory against a blue sky.There are two seats cut from fallen tress and many people take a break , have a little picnic and generally admire the great tree.I was taking a little break today when that pest of modern civilisation, the mobile phone, binged in my pocket. Senior management decided we were all going on an afternoon charity trip.

I cut short my woodland ramblings immediately and proceeded to the homeland to spruce up a little. I was so happy to do so .today because we were going to a fundraising event for the Irish Cancer Society , that most worthy of charities..

This was a really special event because we had to travel to a farmer’s field in Minmore , Shillelagh They grew nothing else only sunflowers for commercial purposes. You walked around the field and you could cut the sunflowers of your choice while at the same time donating to the Irish Cancer Society. We had a lovely time with the grandchildren picking their favourite flowers and then cutting them and bringing them home.

The view from the fields high up over the village of Shillelagh was breath taking on such a glorious sunny say. We saw vast cornfields being cut with many combine harvesters,

We viewed some wind farms perched on hill tops around and we had great views of cattle and sheep and horses grazing in the verdant green of the rolling hills. The scenery and setting were idyllic. It all put me in mind of Vincent Van Gogh and his sunflowers .I have no artistic talent to capture sunflowers on canvas .I had to rely on my mobile phone to capture images of the sunflowers and they ain't bad either

On the way home we treated ourselves to ice cream cones at a roadside filling station on the edge of Carnew village and adjacent to the mart. W sat on some outside seating and watched the comings and goings of Carnew mart. It was a hive of activity because the mart had just ended.It was late evening and there was a great variety of trucks ,tractors and trailers full of bleating cattle being loaded up to. travel to their pastures new

We had a truly great enjoyable but tiring day with the early walking and then having the opportunity to support such a great charity in the afternoon.

The ice cream cones were good too on a lovely August afternoon in South Wicklow.

Mick O Callaghan

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