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Keep Gorey tidy : please and thank you

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

I must take my hat off to one very dedicated group of volunteers who are involved in Gorey tidy towns committee. They do an excellent job of work on the many projects they have been involved in over the years.

This volunteering work requires a huge commitment because it involves planning, meetings, and then going out and dirtying your hands every Saturday doing gardening work and picking up litter left behind by less environmentally aware citizens of our town.

I met a group of volunteers who were relaxing in the Gairdín Draíochta after their Saturday morning. They were also planning for the year ahead.

I went through some of their projects that they have been involved in and which are now enhancing the physical landscape of Gorey town.

I admired An Choill Draíochta planted in 2019 on the triangular confluence of the Coach Road and Arklow Road which is planted with native trees and plants. There is an excellent notice board detailing the 27 different types of trees and plants growing there. Many of the trees here are sown from seeds given by local Gorey people. All the paths through this garden are edged to perfection. It is worth a visit.

The volunteers in Gorey Tidy towns Committee also do a tremendous amount of work in planting and maintaining special areas of sustainability around town such as The Gorey Community Orchard, next to Gorey Fire Station and planted in 2012 with the assistance of The Men’s Shed. This area contained the Ram family Orchards since 1641. The signage here with its potted history of the area and the significance of orchards gives a nice historical perspective of the involvement of the Ram family. There is also information on the varieties of apples grown here in this showcase project.

An Gáirdín Draíochta at Charlotte Row, planted in 2015 is a lovely butterfly and bee friendly garden with a beautiful mosaic. This is a place for continuing biodiversity for our native pollinators, in particular our birds and bees.

There is another gem of a formal Magic Garden on the Coach Road, planted in 2014, with its own bug hotel. It is totally planted with butterfly and bee friendly plants. There is also some nice seating here where you can rest your weary limbs or sip a coffee to go.

Their Sensory Garden project in the Gorey District Town Park must be seen to be appreciated. There is some beautiful artwork painted by Local artist Kate Kos. The geometrically shaped flower beds are now fully planted, and they await seating and the fountain which will further enhance this special feature of Gorey district park.

They told me about a special project relating to the old drying drum from the leather factory [!936-1979]. This was lovingly restored and is now in place at the entrance to the Leather factory Road from the Paul Funge Boulevard.

Gorey tidy towns have also been involved in the restoration of the Ram Graveyard which is core to the history of Gorey. It is lovely to see the graveyard now being used for school tours which will give present and future generations of children an awareness of Gorey’s rich historical and cultural past. I was bowled over after my tour when I realised the 400 + years of history that were packed into the area.

We can all help the gardening crew and the tidy towns people in their work by doing our own bit in bringing home our litter or in keeping our own immediate surroundings and footpaths outside our doors neat and tidy and weed free.

We need to rid ourselves of the “that’s the council’s job” mentality and volunteer to do something extra for Gorey. We love you Gorey and we are going to love you mo

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