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The next generation talks about spiders

“The Spider in the House’ as told by Kealan Swinburne to Grandad. Today we are visiting granny and grandad’s house. Grandad and me were...

My Greatest Masterpiece

Our flower garden has been a riot of colour this year since the first crocus bulbs burst into bloom in early spring and displayed all...

My Time in The Building Trade

After my experience of baking, I returned to London the following year and decided that it was time for me to put my muscles to a real...

Courtown woods and beach in May 2021

I slept well last night and managed a lie in until 9 a.m .I was quite pleased with that because I am told that the weather was rather...

Digs, Digouts and London workout

I started teaching in Arklow in 1967 having spent the statutory two years training in St Patricks Training College Drumcondra, Dublin I...

Trimming Snipping Time On Freedom Day

Freedom called that Wednesday morn and her call found men and women to heed her. I was one of those lucky people who were conferred with...

Step Together

When I was going to school in the good old CBS in Tralee, we learned quite a few songs and I still remember the fervour with which we...

Ballyfad Woods and other walks

Now that the schools ,golf clubs and tennis courts are open once more,there is more space for rambling and chatting in our woods and...


I am currently reading that sad book “Boy 11963” by John Cameron. What a tragic story and how ashamed our institutions of church and...

Chiropodist,Vaccines and strolling

It’s amazing how a shot in the arm can put such a pep in your step. I had this great extra oomph to get out and walk that little bit...

Vaccine Days Jab 1 Day

There are certain events that you will readily remember like the 9/11 attacks on The World Trade Centre or the assassination of John...

The Burrow Road in beautiful Courtown

Thursday March 25th, 2021 was a lovely day in the life of Courtown . The weather was good, and a small group of people from Seal Rescue...

Caravaggio: The Gorey Connection

I live in Gorey next to Christchurch and there is a lovely Harry Clarke stained glass window to the left of the entrance door...

The Rams in The History of Gorey

September 1st is a date that has been embedded in my mind as the day another school year started, I suppose it should be since I spent 42...

Courtown Woods doggy education centre

It was Wednesday March 4th, 2021 when I had major lessons and sharp educational learning and awareness curve on dogs, and everything...


Ironing is a chore, avoid it if you can. I never really took to this shirt ironing and fancy creases, always keeping it to the minimum...

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