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Personal Analysis

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

I sit down post prandial

My thoughts are all astray

I have Covid

In my head only

I suffer from prolonged

lockdown syndrome

In one way I am dejected,

Cheesed off

Weather is rotten,

Freezing cold, snow coming

And yet I’m happy

I have a lovely home

Super companionship

Plenty to eat and drink

Great books to read

I love my family

I love our home

Our garden is relaxation heaven

My walking partners one and all

Are a diverse group

Some moan ,some are positive and cheery

Some are downright negative and dreary

This variety adds to the spice of life

They are not like me

Cautious, careful,

Yet, quite competitive

Observant ,organised

Creative, inventive with words

Not artistic, no painting please

Non-DIY, no house repairs

Caring ,kind

Not arrogant

Not boastful

I think , I hope.

I am a Natural Storyteller

If only with myself listening.

I love gardening as I already said

Flowers, shrubs no veg.

Nature lover and

Bird watcher, bird feeder

Blackbirds and wrens

Finches and thrushes.

Photography yes

Lotto sometimes

Bookies never

Foodie most definite

Commis chef supreme

Carrot and spud peeler par excellence

Modest, ahem

Drinker ,moderate

In vino veritas

Sauvignon blanc

Merlot, Malbec

Jameson, yes on the rocks

Vodka with tonic yes

Ice and lemon as well

Gin, no way

Brandy ,yes with ginger

On a cold February morning

“Phoneaholic” No

TV limited sufferance.

Dreamer yes

Penmanship , woeful

Must improve

On a cold and frosty day

Brain dead, lacking ideas

No, Just lazy, lethargic

It’s the weather, snow is falling

Fire is lighting Oh, so cosy

Tea is calling, Milk no sugar

Biscuits beckon, Marietta please

Chocolates to be devoured

Only Roses left

Voice calling now,

To be promptly obeyed

Reality dawns

Bins to empty

Clothes for hanging

Bird feeders to be filled,

Baby sitting duty ahead

Bed is calling

An afternoon nod needed

Book to be read

Life is for living

On a cold and frosty Snowy day In February 2021. Mick O Callaghan 10/02/2021

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