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In praise of the Gorey Gardening Crew

We all love Gorey town for our own reasons. We have chosen to live here, and we are fortunate that while the town is expanding rapidly it...

An artistic stroll around Gorey town

I am old enough to remember The Gorey Arts Festivals and the great enrichment in the artistic and cultural lives of the people in Gorey...

Mylie Doyles in 67 Main Street,Gorey

Myles Doyle’s Select Grocer and Fine Wines I love strolling down the friendly streets of Gorey and have done so...


By Kealan Well-being week I have a good attitude And also lots of gratitude I have a healthy diet I think you should try it I am fit...

Scary times in Gorey Town at Halloween

Gorey was a real spooky but lovely place for Halloween because the business community and the local authority made a supreme effort in...

Trades people wanted

Is there anything as frustrating as waiting for tradespeople to come to your house to do even the simplest of tasks like servicing the...

Health Checkups

DIET AND HEALTH I visited the doctor at my local health centre a couple of weeks ago for my annual bloods and check-up. That was all a...

Dietary affairs

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD I am a fairly level-headed person normally but there are certain events, gadgets , problems, and situations that...

The next generation talks about spiders

“The Spider in the House’ as told by Kealan Swinburne to Grandad. Today we are visiting granny and grandad’s house. Grandad and me were...

My Greatest Masterpiece

Our flower garden has been a riot of colour this year since the first crocus bulbs burst into bloom in early spring and displayed all...

My Time in The Building Trade

After my experience of baking, I returned to London the following year and decided that it was time for me to put my muscles to a real...

Courtown woods and beach in May 2021

I slept well last night and managed a lie in until 9 a.m .I was quite pleased with that because I am told that the weather was rather...

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