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Munchkins toy and shoe store on Main Street ,Gorey

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

I just love the name Munchkins over the door in that super lovely toy shop and shoe store on 21 Main Street, Gorey. It is a great name for a toy shop for children when you consider the number of parents who have used it as a term of endearment for their young children.

There is a wide range of children’s’ toys and shoes available in Munchkins magical treasure throve of top end merchandise.

When I walked through their children’s shoe store, I realised that this was a special place to buy children’s footwear. The cosiness and intimate layout of the store with toys to the left, shoes and infant clothing to the right lends itself to a relaxing retail experience for parents and children. There is no guesswork here with all children’s feet properly measured ensuring the perfect fit. The experienced staff just have the handy facility of mixing sales banter with a nice professional approach to the task in hand of ensuring each child gets the right fitting shoe for them.

Here you get all the best brands as you would in any city high street store. I loved the Biomechanics, Froddo, the Agatha Ruiz de La Prada, and the snug Bobux shoes from New Zealand. These are lovely names for quality shoes for any child. Then in the next shelf I see Pabloski and Primigi For Change shoes.

Now when I was a nipper, I was delighted to get a pair of Dunlop Wellingtons for the outdoor splash around during wet weather. I notice things have changed a wee bit since then when I looked at the modern wellies for kids available in Munchkins. They stock Grass & Air and Pom Pom wellies. Now with names like these what child would not be delighted to wear wellies keeping their footsies dry during a splash up in any lough of water they can find while out and about. Poor auld Mr Dunlop, looking down on us earthlings from his heavenly perch, must be totally flummoxed by the huge, expanded range of fashionista wellies available in so many shades with his patent black nearly consigned to obscurity and history.

Toys are not just for Christmas, and this is manifestly true about Munchkins toys. They stock quality educationally stimulating toys, games, and books suitable for all occasions all year round.

Their book range is not the usual run of the mill collections. They stock carefully selected age appropriate and educationally stimulating books. A lot of these beautiful books full of colourful images are suitable for family reference book collections. I found myself delving into such diverse subjects as Outer Space, Oceans, Polar Regions. Wildlife, The Solar System in addition to many more subjects during my browse.

They stock some very readable Encyclopaedias of Science and World History in addition to books covering many topics suitable for all ages and abilities,

In their games and learning section I enjoyed the magnetic tile and smartmax discovery sets which are guaranteed to keep children and the child within us all busy and challenged for quite a while.

I was really intrigued and amazed at their green toys section which contains a range of toys that can be washed in the dish washer and come out sparkling new. They are made from 100% recycled plastic, thus reducing greenhouse gases, emissions, and sustainability. They are surely a toy for our times, post COP 22.

I liked their saw, hammer and screw set with wooden work bench which is great for improving dexterity and co-ordination. Likewise, with their Djeco toys and in particular their handling games which helps children with learning the difficult tasks in early life like zipping up a jacket or tying a button.

They stock a nice array of wood games, jigsaws, and lots of the ever-popular cuddly toys, cars, and an assortment of other toys.

As you exit left Munchkins display and sell a lovely assortments of baby clothes, blankets, bibs, and lots of other baby paraphernalia.

They also, like a lot of other Gorey Traders, operate an online business and delivery service.

You can check out their extensive website at and see their full range of quality goods.

Eimear and her staff, Marianne, Siobhán, Linda and Amy are courteous, always in good humour, very welcoming and they show real personal interest in their customers which is nice to see. in these hurried times.


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