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The next generation talks about spiders

Updated: May 13, 2023

“The Spider in the House’ as told by Kealan Swinburne to Grandad.

Today we are visiting granny and grandad’s house. Grandad and me were sitting in the sitting room and found a small thing.

On the wall was a small spider and I think it was scared so it tucked a leg in and then I told granddad to…take a picture and add it to his website.

Grandad took out his phone and took up position. He took a brilliant picture and now we had to find out more about spiders.

I told granddad that spiders had spinnerets on their legs to spin their web

Spiders are very interesting. They are born as eggs. Next ,they are called spiderlings and then adults. The adult spider can lay up to 3000 eggs wrapped in a silk sac. Some spiders die when they have laid their laid their eggs. They use up all their sticky spit to make the silk sac which keeps the young eggs warm while they are hatching out.

Another funny thing about spiders is that they never seem to eat and they can survive for months without eating.

Spiders cannot see and are very happy and are always busy unless they were getting attacked. Some people spray them with vinegar to kill them.

The spiders are harmless and should be left alone in the house.

Daddy long legs are not spiders and should also be left alone.

Spiders can live anywhere except for Antarctica, the north pole and Iceland. They like warm climates but can survive anywhere above 5 degrees.

Spiders don’t like too much light if they are blind which is quite surprising and spiders that can see don’t mind lights.

Spiders are very intelligent and make lovely webs.

July 30th 2021

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