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In Praise of the humble apple


I remember one message given to me by my parents

It was that an apple a day keeps the doctor away

I try my best to apply this in my life

For breakfast we eat our overnight oats

Enriched with various seeds, nuts and yoghurts

And thinly sliced chopped up apple and banana

There is such a variety of apples available now

From Bramley, golden delicious, jazz,pink ladies and more

And then we have those lovely cooking apples

Those green monsters of the apple world

Which we use to make the lovely apple pie

I just love every stage of the pie cooking process

From kneading the dough,creating pastry most fine

Rolling it out in circular shape and filling it into a baking tray

And packing it up with thinly sliced apple

Applying plenty of sugar to sweeten the mixture

And covering it all with another sheet of pastry

Then placing it in preheated oven to bake

And enjoying the aroma of baking filling the house

Till out of the oven she comes,

Is quartered and eaten with ice cream and cream

It is always delicious, delightful, delectable to eat.

Then of course we must remember apple crumble

And that German/Austrian favourite apple strudel

A beautiful pastry filled with sweetened apple

When we have some apples left over after above endeavours

We simply boil it a saucepan and have stewed apple

A very tasty dessert with a scoop of ice cream melting on top

Then there is that refreshing chilled apple juice drink

Or we can simply chomp into a freshly washed apple

Boosting our supply of vitamin C

And assisting our digestive system

Great for our brain and general health

For fun and enjoyment at Halloween

We have that single apple hanging down

With frenzied children vying to get a bite

Yes, that apple a day sure does us a heap of good

Keeping all our bodies in shape and in apple pie order


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