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Climate Change: The time for action is now

Updated: Aug 9, 2023


Bells are ringing, alarms are sounding.

Climate change is all abounding.

India, Japan, Canada,China,Spain and lots more countries are shrilling.

About the rains and floods now unleashing.

Rainy periods are heavier and more frequent.

Rainstorms are frightening causing thunderous water flows,

Resulting in rushing, gurgling scary flooding.

Lives are lost with the waterpower now being unleashed

Climate change conferences are now tempestuous events

Previously little-known areas and people of the world are screaming.

Give us climate change, please save our lands and people.

Temperatures are rising beyond extremes.

Our former hot balmy summer days

Are now more regularly intense heatwaves,

Sucking up water, dehydrating land, man, and beast alike

Scorched lawns, gardens and whole countries are regular sights.

Many places on our planet are now becoming uninhabitable.

Thunder and lightning storms are now more severe

Tsunamis and violent hurricanes occur more often,

Causing loss of lives and wrecking lands and properties

Greenhouse gases are causing illness,

We continue to overuse fossil fuels,

While their carbon emissions are poisoning our air,

Clogging up our lungs and respiratory systems

Drive less and change over to electric or hybrid power

Walk and cycle more, use public transport,

Methane gases must be monitored and reduced .

Now El Nino is coming on stage.

Causing further scary climate change

With human, social, and physical damage.

Our world and seas are getting warmer

Causing our Ice bergs to melt gradually,rising sea levels

Please listen to all the alarm bells.

Please wake up to climate awareness and change the way we live.

Plant more shrubs and trees in your living area for extra carbon capture

Only use recyclable plastics and respect the earth.

The present and next generations deserve nothing less.

They will thank us for it and that will be our reward.

Mick O Callaghan 18/07/2023

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