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Go on ,Have a half wan

I love that little word half and its many uses in the English language. From my earlier days I remember older people saying “ I’ll have a...


I was in Springmount Garden Centre recently and I saw three friendly staff members taking an artificial Christmas tree out of a box and...

Covid /Shopping /Brown Bread

Well, I’ll be damned, but my usual routine was a wee bit disturbed again lately. You see herself, my chief household executive, fell...

Disney The Ride of a lifetime.

THE STORY OF DISNEY Some weeks ago, I read the story of Facebook and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Since then, I have devoured “The Ride of a...

Fishy Fridays

Fish on Friday I was down on Courtown beach one day as the spring tide had ebbed way out and had displayed a vast expanse of beach for...

A White Spider mission

THE WHITE SPIDER BY MICK O CALAGHAN When the weather looks inclement, I get up, look out and having breakfasted and done the morning...


Vintage Vintage isn’t something new, Its old and that’s how it is, No matter what you say, It’s that and that’s the way, You can ask God...

Coffee at eleven

Well, isn’t life gone very strange and complicated when you want to purchase a simple thing like a cup of tea or coffee. Recently I was...

The pale moon was rising

August 14th 2023 Well, it’s hard to believe that 12 months have passed since we welcomed last year’s 2022 bunch of contestants for the...

Springmount Garden Centre

I just love the very nice culture that exists at Springmount Garden Centre, Ballycanew Road, Gorey. You get that lovely feeling that you...

Touring the Wesht in summer 2023

Our aunt’s first anniversary mass was being held in Clonaslee Church, Co Laois on Sunday May 28th, 2023. We opted to attend and spend...

Dog Minding Woof Woof

It was August bank holiday weekend 2023, and we were expecting some guests for a stayover. Stella arrived on Saturday night, and she was...

Visiting Kilmacurragh

On visiting Kilmacurragh in Early April 2023 We leave the main road and travel Up a lengthy driveway in rural Wicklow Leading up to...

A Perfect Gift: Tweed in the Valley

I just love tweed in all its forms. I always did and in my younger days I was the proud owner of some nice herringbone tweed jackets. I...

Kia Ora Mini Farm

I live in Gorey, and I keep loving it for the great quality of life here and for the excellent leisure, artistic, dining and sporting...

Mice surprise in the post

I must say that I love going to the post-box because it is full of surprises and variety. It can present me with bills, birthday cards,...

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