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Keeping an eye on the weather

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

There’s an app for everything nowadays whether it’s your newspaper, weather app,plant recognition app, time of tides apps, shopping etc. I am dumbfounded by the bombardment of the ubiquitous app .

When we were going to the bog many years ago my father would look at the mountain and say it’s very near looking today or there are too many cumulo nimbus clouds around today and we would not be travelling because of the possibility of rain.

If the swallows dived too low, they could be followed by rain. They were harbingers of rain showers and these signs had to be respected.

And where would we be without St Swithun. If it rained on his feast day it would rain for 40 days. It’s amazing how this saint from Chichester influenced our lives. His claim to fame I think was that he restored broken eggs and he wanted to be buried where rain would drop on his coffin.

Likewise, with stories about the cuckoo and garbh shion na gcuach. Scaraveen was sacred to people .They were our apps and people believed the signs of nature.

Nowadays we are damned with techie info about the weather.

Let’s take the weather forecast.. Some where up there at about 22000 miles is a static satellite sending back pictures to mother earth every 30 minutes .Our met office computers get those images and their meteorologists engage with their computers, take in the data from their weather stations around Ireland and we get the weather forecasts on radio, tv, phones and latterly on those excellent weather apps.

When I was strolling on the beach recently looking about ,admiring nature and ridding my mind of the worries and cares of the day I was disturbed by fellow strollers advising me to speed up because the rain was coming.It was coming early between 12 and 14 hundred hours and I look up at the sky and there’s not a wisp of a rain cloud in sight. I barely acknowledge the weather warning and am duly admonished with “ but you don’t believe us’, wait till I show you my app “.

Then you have the ceremony of taking out the phone, opening up the app , the weather forecast is exposed and I am advised that it should be raining already and off they trot in case their corporeal elegance and finery is dampened by a stray raindrop.

Likewise, from daily experience most locals would know roughly what time the tide comes and goes but that is no good for some. You might hear “ Michael what time is high water today” . I glance around and say that it looks pretty fully in now but that’s not good enough, and here we go again with the dreaded app. After the opening ceremony of producing said phone the accurate information relating to high and low water is divulged with a mighty satisfied verbal delivery of high water is at 12.30, just as I had told them earlier.

And then we have the 12-hour rainfall app, the farming forecast, BBC apps, ACCU weather apps, fine weather apps, sleepy days apps. These are all excellent in their own way. I use them myself to a limited extent and I find them useful/

We used hear that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but nowadays its an app a day keeps the doctor away.with many people checking their health on some app and self diagnosing.

I think people of all ages have become very weather aware and we no longer enjoy the days off as we expend too much nervous energy into our weather preparedness.

I wonder will it be fine on Wednesday .

There’s a bit of a wind rising. I wonder will we get a storm ?

Oh wow! There's tornado of the coast of Florida , we'd better get a move on.

Hold on a minute . I’ll get my app.

As the wise old people in Kerry used to say “ Take each day as it comes and don’t be fretting your life away boy bawn‘.

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