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All squashed in

I just love the names of flowers and plants

Like the lovely Sauce Hollandaise daisies

Conjuring up images of summer salad days

Or that adorable Butternut Squash

With images of butter and nuts

Being squashed together

To make a tasty nourishing mash

I first became aware of this lovely vegetable

In the year of two thousand and ten.

I was just retired from teaching

And was embarking on a new way of living

Health matters were now a more pertinent issue

Weight loss and exercise became a focus for me

With aspirations to become a slimmer, fitter, healthier me

So, I betook myself off to a healthy heart course

With the emphasis on eating meat dishes demoted

                                            And consuming more vegetarian dishes was promoted

For their beneficial effects for healthier living

We had carrots, lettuces, cous cous and coleslaw

There were melons, oranges apples and bananas

We tried shepherdess pies, Moroccan tagines

                                           There was tofu with ginger and broccoli spears

Then we were introduced to special soups and dishes

With butternut squash being a new veggie for me

We made butternut squash soup

We roasted it in the oven, skin and all

It tasted yummy and delicious

Leaving my taste buds with a yearning for more

We made risottos and curries

I really liked eating them all

Because they were such nice nutritious food

Also, on our menu we had

Quinoa with stir-fried greens

There was wheat grass and green juices

Energy balls and sprouts

Diet plans and meal plans

I got used to living a more spartan lifestyle routine

Shedding kilos of weight and waistline inches

Reducing my cholesterol and blood pressure levels

 My energy levels increased appreciably

I just loved my expanded healthy menu choices

With my new friend, my delectable butternut squash

 Heading my veggie name dropping in the nutrient field for me

In my newly acquired style of healthy living routine


 Mick O Callaghan June 2024

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